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Low Temperature-rising Vapor Compressor Successfully Developed and Delivered

Recently,the national first set of low temperature-rising vapor compressor had been developed successfully.The equipment went through several strict inspection and was delivered to customer.

Since August,in 2005,through a process of R&D,experts and numerous times inspection and modification for around one year, the equipment had achieved the world advanced level,while conformed to the customer’s requirement.In future,the similar products will confront a worldwide market.

This kind of product adopts technologies offered from ETI academy in USA.JTL has the right of technologies patent including high effective aerodynamic design which ensure the whole product being in the high effective situation.Meanwhile,we also own the technology of axial low vibration and sealing,which is researched and developed by ourselves.We also specialize in customization service according to the requirement of customers.

As the latest product going to the advanced manufacturing industry,the lower temperature rise centrifugal compressor has been used widely in chemical industry,high concentration waste water treatment,medical industry,food fermentation processing,MVR, sea water desalination and so on.The product has massive advantages against the rival competitors.It is predictable that the latest product will make a new growth point for JTL through replacing of similar imported products.