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Nantong Intelligent Equipment Industry Innovation Alliance Founding Conference&Forum

On October 10,innovation of smartifying manufacture industry union was established in industry and technology academy.Deputy secretary-general of Nantong government presided the establishing conference.The deputy mayor made a speech and other professors,scholars etc also made a discussion.The conference voted the JTL as director unit ,at the same time,the deputy director unit and secretary unit was voted.

Xu Xinming pointed out that since the beginning of this year,the government gives priority to industry transition as the booster of social and economy development.Smartifying manufacture is the trend of Nantong’s industry.Under the background of industry transition,the union constructs a win-win platform for using the whole industry advantages,integrating the innovation resource,promoting the cooperation between enterprises and academys and then making the industry stronger.

As the director,JTL’s president Ji Wei made a speech at the conference.He pointed out that JTL has been constantly devoted to advanced smartifying manufacture and R&D.Meanwhile,JTL have a long-term technological cooperation with ETI academy,national “thousands of people plan” and Xi’an university to perfect the product series consisting of blower,compressor,steam turbine,drone,gas turbine and to construct platform including energy-saving field,environment protection field,military field and renewable energy field.So JTL will achieve development and grandness relying on technology,quality and renowned brand.

With the support of Nantong government,JTL has been voted as high-technology enterprise for 7 years.The products of JTL has broken the monopoly of imported products while the revenue and profit has increased steadly.

Nowadays,the economy of China has stepped into L situation.It is the strategic opportunity for leap-forward development.Facing the challenge and opportunity,we need to give support each other relying on the advantages of policy,resource.Priority to innovation,we should do our best to break through the bottleneck between industry chain,realizing a win-win situation.

In conclusion,JTL as the director of the unit,will be responsible for carrying out all kinds of activities with all members,and contribute to the smartifying manufacture industry.